IPL Laser Hair Removal

Tired of Waxing, Tweezing & Shaving

Hair Removal is one of the top five most popular non-invasive procedures.
Powered by the revolutionary IPL Naturalight System, Focus Medical systems is setting new standards of speed, safety, and efficacy, in the removal of even minimally-pigmented hair colors, and all skin tones, including tanned skin. Results using conventional optical only systems are limited because they operate indirectly by superheating the melanin in the hair shaft and hope for enough collateral thermal damage. Focus Medical Systems achieve superior results because they precisely target and destroy the hair follicle through a process known as Vortex heating.

Minimal to no Downtime
Most people experience no side effects, though a few may exhibit some short-term local reddening. IPL advantages translate to enhanced patient comfort, convenience & satisfaction.

Pre & Post Treatment Recommendations

Before and After pictures for IPL Laser Hair Removal